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  1. Denise H Says:

    After five years the Lady Lucy Cavendish blog and index are finally finished! I hope it proves to be a useful resource to Victorian Studies.

  2. Denise H Says:

    Thanks! I’m not very consistent with working on it but once I get started it’s so interested to see what the next entry will bring. Glad you’re enjoying it! Sometimes I just sit and read the index to see what each person has been up to.

  3. Emmeline Says:

    What an inspiring website and so much work! Congratulations and I’ll be your next regular reader!!!!
    Greetings from Germany, ah, well, from Leyland, of course…


  4. Denise Says:

    You’re welcome! The link to the full blog is on the first tab of this website. You can see under “Blog Archive” there how hard it is to find anything; thus the need for this index! Also, at the bottom of each diary entry is a link to “Newer Post” , “Home” and “Older Post”. You can use these to page to other entries. Have fun!

  5. Helen Rappaport Says:

    Thank you so much Denise. Fascinating. I’ll be interested to see more for the 1870s when you get to them – especially re changing attitudes to the Queen, her seclusion and growing unpopularity. Best wishes, Helen

  6. Denise Says:

    Hi! I’m so glad the site is useful. I’ll add the 1861 entries now. There’s a very touching story of the Queen and Princess Beatrice.

  7. Helen Rappaport Says:

    What a wonderful find this website is. I’ve already found a couple of interesting entries for 1872 relating to my research on a book about the death of Prince Albert (re Bertie’s near fatal illness in 1871). But oh dear I’m desperate to see what Lady Lucy had to say about Albert’s death in December 1861. When do you think you will get to it?? All the best with a wonderful project